Harness Your Expertise to Build HealthTech for a Healthier Nation

Discover your purpose to deliver better health and better care for Singapore through technology at IHiS. Leverage your expertise to digitise, connect and analyse Singapore’s health ecosystem and make a positive impact on Singapore’s population.

As Singapore’s HealthTech agency, we are united by a strong sense of purpose. Centred on the health of our population, we challenge ourselves to build the most intelligent technology that will transform lives and impacts the well-being of our nation, every day.

Hear from our fellow colleagues on what makes life at IHiS meaningful for them.

IT Strategy and Governance

“It’s a great opportunity and privilege to be a part of Singapore’s healthcare transformation journey that continually aims to provide quality, accessibility and affordable care that can be delivered sustainably for our people. My role at IHiS has allowed me to play a part in shaping how HealthTech affects our country, and I hope I can continue to do so. For Singaporeans – including my loved ones at home.”

James Chia
Director, Health Informatics and Technology (HIT) Policy and Governance

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Clinical Informatics

“Ultimately, IT and clinical care are two sides of the coin. Instead of just looking at the system side of things, I experience first-hand the human side of things and was in a better position to develop solutions that will help healthcare professionals ease their workflow and process.”

Suhailin Abdul Aziz
Assistant Director, Clinical Informatics

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Data and Business Analytics

“Evidence-based management decisions are vital in the healthcare system and IT projects are the enablers to provide such evidence. It is meaningful to be part of the healthcare sector, especially in the present circumstances. Whatever role you play, be it a project manager, an analyst or a developer, you have a critical role in the ecosystem.”

Gurusamy Arul Prasath
Lead Analyst, Health Insights

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Programme and Service Delivery

“The healthcare sector is constantly transforming the way it operates to meet the needs of our aging population. I am glad to be part of a team that brings tech and healthcare closer together to support better patient care.”

Jennifer Tey
Assistant Director, Product Management & Delivery Group

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Cybersecurity and Information Security

“My team and I are very much motivated by the fact that we are helping to ensure the common systems under our mandate, especially Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) Systems, are well protected. I can say that at IHiS, we stay true to our mission of making HealthTech better by integrating intelligent, highly-resilient and cost-effective technologies with process and people. IHiS is the place to be for HealthTech.”

Thomas Wong
Cybersecurity Analyst, Cyber Defence Group

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Software Development and Integration

“My job is to make the sharing of patient information between healthcare institutions much easier and more efficient and improving their workflow to deliver better outcomes for patient care. We have come a long way with our clinical data moving away from pen and paper.”

Desmond Oh
Assistant Lead Engineer, Competency Centre-Development Centre

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